Into the Woods!



Love it or hate it, Talisman is a board game with a long history. Since it’s release in 1983, it’s 30+ year history spans four editions and numerous expansions. However, for the first time in that three decade existence, players will finally see all four corners (or sides) of the Talisman board filled! Does this mean that Talisman is finally “finished?’ I’m not so certain. Fantasy Flight has recently tapped into the fanbase for expansion material for Talisman, and it appears to have gone over well. Talisman will most likely continue on, as it always has. 4th edition is bigger and more popular than it ever has been!

For now, Fantasy Flight Games has just announced their latest big-box expansion for Talisman: The Woodlands.

I can't help but feel this expansion needs an opening musical number...

I can’t help but feel this expansion needs an opening musical number…

The Woodlands, not unlike other board expansions such as The Dungeon, The Highlands, and The City, introduces custom encounters when you step off the Talisman board and onto the new area, finally filling in that last L-shaped piece we’ve been waiting for. The Woodlands are the kingdom of King Oberon and Queen Titania, and home to a host of fae creatures.

Anyone care to debate his 2nd amendment right to BEAR arms?

Anyone care to debate his constitutional  right to BEAR arms?

Expect the usual from an expansion; new heroes, spells, adventure cards, and alternate endings. The Woodlands will be giving players a little something new, however. We will now get an answer to that nagging question we all asked ourselves when 4th edition came out: “What is with the white and black sides to the fate tokens?”

A new mechanic of “Dark” and “Light” fate turn the tables on players, offering an enhanced way to interact with your fate tokens. Light fate will affect rolls that you, the player, makes, while dark fate allows you to manipulate OTHER players’ (or encounters) rolls. A secondary effect of this twist of fate is that if you have more light fate than dark, you are “Lightbound.” If the reverse is true, then you are “Darkbound.” Many of the new forest encounters have different effects if you are Lightbound or Darkbound…some of them extremely bad!

"Killed." As in, "You're done. Stick a fork in you. Draw a new character."

“Killed.” As in, “You’re done. Stick a fork in you. Draw a new character.”

Another new addition to Talisman is the “Path” cards. These cards seemingly make up for the fact that 4th Edition’s City expansion left out the “Role” cards (Sheriff, High Mage, Master Thief, and King’s Champion) from the previous edition’s City. When entering the woodland, a player may draw a Path card, which imposes a heavy restriction upon the player until he reaches the Place of Destiny at the end of the Woodland board. If the player was able to make it, he or she will be rewarded with a card that gives them a permanent boost and ability! Do you have what it takes to become “The Wise,” or “The Dreaded?”

Also achievable for not messing with the "Sidhe" above.

Also achievable for not messing with the “Sidhe” above.

The Woodland promises to be a solid, must-have expansion for Talisman players everywhere, and you’ll be able to venture into this verdant venue in the third quarter of 2014. Perhaps we’ll see it at Gencon?


Read more about it here!



I'm in your Shadowruns...uh...probably selling you talismans and giving you magic-related quests!

Grow Strong and Crafty, and never let go of that Talisman!

~Doc Belmont

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