Ghostbusters, Reboot Hell: Choose and Perish



I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore. Screw the Ghostbusters reboot! Here come the cries of “Sexism!!!” My issue with this film is not the all female cast. It is with the fact that they are doing it as a reboot. They very easily could have just described this as a branch of the previously established Ghostbusters franchise that happened to be run by a group of women and I would not be aggravated. This does not mean that these women could not be scientists or be coming up with their own fantastic technological advances to make the business better and would have placed them in the same universe as the Ghostbusters fans already know and love.

There have been points in movie making history where a certain magic has been created on the film. Attempts to reboot any of these have almost always resulted in disastrous failure. Examples? Psycho, Rollerball (this one really irked me), and Planet of the Apes just to name a few. I believe that the original Ghostbusters achieved this magical moment. So much so that even the sequel with the same actors could not match it. Rebooting Ghostbusters would be along the lines of attempting to reboot A Clockwork Orange or Citizen Kane. While my fellow cinephiles may argue with me that rebooting a comedy is not the same as rebooting a dramatic classic, let me put this argument to you a different way. I dare someone…  I. Dare. Them. to make a reboot of Caddyshack that will even come close to capturing the near perfection of the original. That is what rebooting Ghostbusters seems like to me.


And now I hear there’s talk of rebooting Indiana Jones…  Just shoot me now.

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  1. Ghostbusters was just such an amazing and original idea – you had elements of scifi, horror, and above all, comedy – the comedy was the best part, though it wasn’t over the top so that it took away from the rest of the film. In other words, you laughed your ass off, but you still felt like the stakes were high and the Ghostbusters were in serious danger.

    Ghostbusters II was, in my opinion, not a bad movie, it just gets a bad rap because it was so hard to top Ghostbusters I.

    They’re taking a big gamble here. If it does great, then they’ll be the toast of Hollywood. If it tanks, there will be a lot of angry fans, and probably not another attempt at a Ghostbusters movie for another generation.

    Would it be better as existing in the same universe as the first film? Sure. Dan Akroyd could do a walk-on or something – “Just want to make sure you gals are doing ok with your Ghostbusters franchise!” Unfortunately, Hollywood is mainly aiming for the younger crowd who don’t have a sentimental attachment to the first film like we do.

    What can I say? We will have to wait and see.

  2. Dude, fuck those screw-heads who are screaming sexism. They are insane and have no understanding of what the words “sexist”, “pedophile”, “racist”, “sex offender”, and “misogyny” mean other than that’s what they call people who don’t share their same point of view. I hate the fact that no one is capable of making a movie that isn’t a re-make of some other movie. Has no one an original idea in their head? If they say it’s Ghostbusters only with an all female cast and has nothing to do with the original movie, it’s been done before. It was an episode of Designing Women and it was called “Charlene Buys A House”. Was is a funny episode? Yes. Do they need to make a movie about it and call it Ghostbusters? No.

  3. I admit from the purely selfish fan-fic writer standpoint, a reboot is a good thing–because whether it’s good or sprocking terrible I don’t have to change anything I’m doing one iota.

    But in the larger view…I’ve gotten so f***ing sick of reboots the last several years–it just means “We don’t care enough to learn about the property we’re trying to milk money out of, so we’ll just say ‘reboot’ because paying attention to all that stuff might compromise the writer/director’s ‘Vision’.” (Or in other cases, “Reboot” means “We don’t have any ideas for new stories, so we’ll just retell an old one with some new bells and whistles”)

    And while I know movie making (and comic books, and cartoons, and all the rest of it) is a business, in which everything it puts out is intended to make money, the leaked emails pretty much make Sony look really really desperate to make this just to put something out with the familiar name and logo before the 30th anniversary hype completely dies down. They don’t care if it’s good. They don’t care if it’s respectful to a classic franchise. They don’t care if the old time fans like it. They just want something to merchandise the heck out of and put butts in movie seats.

    They look at the awful Transformers and ninja turtles movies Micheal Bay made, all of which took smelly dumps over their franchises and fans but nevertheless made buttloads of money.

    Sony doesn’t care. They’re hoping for a success like Bayformers . They’ll take the chance of making a bomb like the quickly-forgotten 2014 Robocop.

  4. Any new thoughts on this all these months later, with pictures showing up and everything? It looks like the original logo will be kept, and the flight suits and proton packs sure could have been a lot worse. I wouldn’t say this gets me excited about Feigbusters, but does make me a tad less negative.

    If nothing else, it’s something to talk about at GenCon (lol)

    • All I got out of that was “Fritz is going to GenCon” LOL

      • Lol..Yep. Just like the last few years, at least two days, maybe more. Ogre will be with me as usual. If John and Erica go, it will probably be Sunday, but that isn’t set in stone yet.

        Looking forward to it, and to finding out more about what Point Hat is up to.

  5. Death to All Married People

    They rebooted Fritz’s leg, and the results were mediocre at best. Ha ha ha. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad. Go stick a gun barrel in your mouth.

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