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Apocalypse Not Now


It was foretold long ago in centuries past by the ancient Mayans. The end of a B’ak’tun; a time period in the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar. Some New Agers think that it was going to mark the birth of a new positive spiritual or physical transformation for mankind, and others think that it marked the end of it all.

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An Unexpected Journey… Or was it?


I am quite certain that my colleague Doctor Belmont will be posting his opinions on this film as well.  In fact I am quite surprised that I actually beat him to it.  Now on to my thoughts.

This film had problems, lots of them.  Where should I even begin?  Ah yes, the Tolkien lore.  I know that many fans of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings novels will be going to see these films and for those fans who are obsessive about the lore I think that there will be some disappointment.  The most blatant change that lovers of the books will notice is that Azog, a goblin chieftain, is placed as the major villain for this installment.  That’s right folks, a goblin who is dead in the novels is alive and well and is chasing our party of hapless dwarves.  This leads to some dramatic alterations of several scenes that we are familiar with in the novel including the trip to Rivendell and the treetop escape.

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