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Dungeon Porn

I’ve spent the last couple of hours browsing through Dungeon Porn.

Yes, you read that correctly. Now, depending on what you were thinking when you read the title of this article, your curiosity was piqued by what displays of unapologetic nerdery in Dungeons & Dragons I was perusing…



…or you immediately thought I was linking you to some sort of BDSM website, and have forgotten what kind of blog this is. If you are the latter, shame on you. You are a disgusting pervert. Leave.

If you are still with me, or are just lying to yourself (you know who you are!), let me tell you of a wonderful piece of fantasy gaming that’s making dungeon crawling an experience of epic proportions!

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Shadowrun to follow in Paizo’s GameMastery footsteps? I hope so!

Have you ever had that moment as a Game Master when you are running some epic combat, and you realize that you have NO idea whatsoever what the spell “Arglefargle’s Malignant Zazzlefrazz of Malcontent” does? Well, I don’t either, but that’s because it’s an absolutely ridiculous example…but you get my point. We’ve all had those moments where a game comes to a halt because someone has to look up what a certain spell or ability does, or you need to know those vital stats of a weapon, or perhaps you don’t have EVERYTHING written down for those monsters the heroes are fighting.

Yes, perhaps you can take the time to write everything down, or keep a thousand and one tabs in your game books to their appropriate pages, but that puts a bunch of (in my opinion) unneeded wear and tear on your books. This problem is much worse if you’re one of those “living in the twenty-first century” kids whose entire book collections are a bunch of PDFs on an iPad. What’s a gamer to do to make things easier?
Well, the solution starts with a little company that could, did, and trashed the competition… Paizo Publishing. Read the rest of this entry