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The Gamers

My first review, and it’s a text review. Let’s start this site on a positive note, shall we?

I’ve never been a guy who’s big on indie movies; I always have those visions of snobbish self-important wastrels wearing little black berets and sunglasses, sipping on their highly-caffeinated drinks with obscenely silly Italian names (Yeah, great “positive start,” Belmont…), but I digress.

Enter The Gamers. I discovered this little indie gem through a friend of mine from a local community college; he’s a professor there, who at the time was running the “Do or Dice” gaming club. The reason that this indie film was able to capture my attention is because the subject was right up my alley—gaming! I decided to give this indie flick a try, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The Gamers uses a new spin on the rather tired “stranger in a strange land” genre, and turns it on its ear. We’re all sick of seeing “A [insert American stereotype] in King Arthur’s Court,” or its nigh-endless supply of spin-offs and remakes vomited up by the vacuous void of uncreativity and corporate red-light district that is Hollywood. Instead of a story about gamers themselves being thrust into a fantasy world where their adventures are real, we get treated to dual-natured movie in which we’re really watching two separate films. In one hand, you have a group of gamers playing an intense and rousing game of the little-known “Generic: The Fantasy” with their books wrapped with “+2 Brown-bag book covers of lawsuit protection.” On the other hand, you have the CHARACTERS of these dice-slinging dorks on the very adventure that the players are running.

The movie’s opening treats us to the main characters posed on sepia-toned character sheets, complete with twinked character stats (a 19 Intelligence or Strength? Shenanigans!). We have Newmoon the elven ranger, Nimble the thief, Rogar the Barbarian (who is unusually well-spoken for someone who’s just shy of riding the short bus to Barbarian school), Mark the Red, and Ambrose the Ruefully Temporary…magician by hobby. (more…)

A wild Dr. Belmont appears!

A picture taken by what was then a random stranger at the Michigan Renaissance Faire in 2010. It just so happens that a month or two later, we met at The Board Room Game Center and have been friends ever since! Small world, no?

GENCON, 2011!!!


I am pleased to announce that I will be attending GENCON Indy next week! I’m very excited to see all of the great new stuff that is going to make its debut this year, and I hope to swipe up some swag along the way. To any friends and acquaintances, I hope to see you there!

A wizard did it!


“A wizard is never late…nor is he early; he arrives precisely when he means to!” ~Gandalf the Grey

Yes, indeed! It’s been almost two years of setbacks and such, but it has finally happened! I have a site where I can share my love of the tabletop gaming hobby with all the lands of the interwebs! If I entertain you, fabulous! I’ve hit one of my goals. If I’ve enticed you to go out and buy a new game, great! That is also a goal. If I’ve disgusted or offended you…well, you need to relax.

Let’s see what kinds of magic I can conjure up for your entertainment; it’s going to be a wild ride, I’m sure. That said, all “magic” needs an audience, so watch away, and tell your friends! I’m always happy to have new friends and fans. The more, the merrier!