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Confessions of a Lone Wolf

Life sucks. No matter what your situation is, there’s always something about it that keeps making you wish for “simpler or happier times.” More and more we keep using the expression that “real life is getting in the way” of the things we’d rather be doing. Some are plagued with financial difficulties, some with love/marital problems, some are in politics, religion, or any other list of ideologies that never fail to start blood feuds with friends and family. We start looking for escapes  to take us away from our everyday problems. Some might find release in simple pleasures, like watching a favorite sport or TV show, some might find it in saying “to Hell with my diet! Ben & Jerry will take away my troubles!” Still others may find release in the darker and more destructive things in life; like the bottom of a bottle.

I think nerds have it a bit easier than most folk, as we tend to look to our hobbies for comfort. We take great pleasure in finding anything nostalgic. Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can get just about any nostalgic fix you want. All of your favorite cartoons are most likely out on DVD already, and it isn’t hard to find old games at any used game store. There are, however, a few things that are a bit harder to find. Can money really buy your childhood back? Can true magic be bottled up and sold in a store? I suppose that answer is a little different for everyone. We all have different experiences, but I can tell you a little about what I consider childhood.

When I was  a lad, I can remember being one of those types of kids that really didn’t need a huge circle of friends to keep happy or entertained. I always measured my company by their quality rather than their quantity. The friends I made as a boy remain my friends today. When I didn’t have my friends, I had a myriad of other distractions in my life. I don’t think my parents ever had to suffer hearing the words “mom (or dad), I’m BORED!” This may have a bit to do with the fact that I was a part of the Nintendo generation, but it also had a bit to do with the fact that I don’t think I really have lived much of those years on this planet. When all of the other kids went to the playgrounds to play kickball, football, or soccer, my friends and I journeyed through forests and dungeons, slaying dragons, and battling dark wizards. Why throw a football when you had a shining steel blade, or a mighty wizard’s staff rippling with arcane power? Sure, both were little more than a stout piece of wood and some clever use of leather straps, but to us, they were the weapons of heroes!

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Why the “religious” piss me off…

The title of this post will confuse some of you, and it SHOULD. For those who don’t know why it should, it’s because I am a very religious man. I’m not using religion as a metaphor or anything, like “I play Dungeons & Dragons religiously.” it’s just a fact. I pray before meals (even at restaurants), I’ve made theology a study, I meditate on the Word and pray daily, I’m a creationist, and my first career choice was to be a pastor. If I haven’t lost you already, I’ll get to why I’m a bit incensed at the moment. It isn’t my beliefs I’m upset with. It’s the people I keep getting lumped with whenever people hear the word “Christian.”

I usually don’t like to delve in to either religion or politics, but I felt I had to share it this time around.

I recently saw a disturbing video on a friend’s wall on Facebook, and it got my blood boiling:

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