Eldritch Horror: Well, that was fast…


No sooner than when I sat down to type out my thoughts on Fantasy Flight Games’ new board game of globe-trotting Lovecraftian horror, did I visit the FFG website and see the announcement. Eldritch Horror is getting it’s first expansion in the second quarter of 2014. I love Eldritch Horror, but my single real complaint about it was that it’s card decks and ancient ones were very light, making the game feel like it was incomplete. A little over two months later (remember, we only got this thing at the very end of November), we see that we’re getting a band aid for the sparse game content.

Part of me feels like this is something that should have been included in the base set. Most certainly, meatier interaction and richer experiences with the ancient ones of Eldritch Horror carry more weight than it’s Arkham Horror counterpart, but a game containing a paltry 4 ancient ones makes this the weakest game in terms of variety, even compared to the quick pick-up-and-play Elder Sign.

The band-aid Expansion...and how!

The band-aid Expansion…and how!

Now, we can delve into the depths of Forsaken Lore, the first of hopefully many MUCH-NEEDED expansions for Eldritch Horror.

What does it have?

Well, for those who complained about the lack of encounter variety, blowing through those 8 cards per region in a couple of playthroughs, Forsaken Lore has your fix; over ONE HUNDRED new encounter cards. This will, at the very least, double the size of those tiny encounter decks!

Yig, making EVERY reckoning a shot in the junk...

Yig, making EVERY reckoning a shot in the junk…

The second offering of this expansion is a new ancient one; Yig, the Father of Serpents, complete with his own mystery and research decks, of course. The other ancient ones from the core set haven’t been left in the realms of the forgotten, however. Forsaken Lore adds new mystery and research cards to EACH ancient one, bringing a fresh experience to the core game. Add to the mix a few new epic monsters (such as the Winged Serpent and Mother Hydra), new spells, new artifacts, new conditions, and new expeditions to the mix, and you have an expansion that lives up to it’s name.

Oh my GOD! What sick bastard designed THIS monstrosity!?! Word to the wise: Don't get frickin' poisoned!

Oh my GOD! What sick bastard designed THIS monstrosity!?! Word to the wise: Don’t get frickin’ poisoned!

Forsaken Lore  will be available quarter 2 of 2014, and will retail at $24.95.

Fare thee well for now, gamers. Be sure to pack an antidote when you delve into Forsaken Lore!

~Doc Belmont

Original announcement for Forsaken Lore

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