Descent Comes Back to the Surface for a Spell


Fantasy Flight Games has been well-known for being closed-mouthed about a project until the last minute to surprise fans. Now, it seems like they’re intentionally saying one thing, but doing the opposite. Fortunately, FFG’s latest stunt isn’t “I totally didn’t put a rattlesnake in your bed” only to be greeted by the horror of feeling a scaly bedmate when you slip under the covers, but rather “honey, I didn’t do anything for our anniversary” but  surprises her with a week-long cruise anyways. If the following announcement is an example of the kind of “lying” that FFG is going to be doing, well, Fleetwood Mack sang it best, I suppose.

Latest news out of FFG for Descent, 2nd Edition is Oath of the Outcast, a hero and monster expansion. What heroes and monsters? Well, the monster lineup is the Razorwing, Beastmen, and Bane Spiders…our heroes include Shiver, Laurel of Bloodwood, Elder Mok, and Trenloe the Strong.


Why, Hello thar, familiar faces!

Why, Hello thar, familiar faces!

Sound familiar?

These are all heroes and monsters from Descent, 1st edition. The “surprise” part of this is that this directly contradicts what FFG CEO Christian Petersen said at the FFG In-Flight report at GenCon 2012. Someone in the audience asked if the monsters and heroes from Descent, 1st edition would see a 2e reprint. Petersen’s answer was very straightforward: “we have no plans for reprints, but we are offering a conversion kit.” (Not a direct quote, but I had no luck digging up a video) Folks grumbled a bit, as they now had to race to buy up every expansion of 1e Descent at premium “collector” prices. Luckily, I already had the full Descent line, so I wasn’t that worried about it.


Read the official announcement HERE.

So, do we really need this?


Why not? This isn’t just a new print run of figs with the Conversion Kit cards thrown in. Each hero and monster boasts brand new artwork and new figure molds to go with it. Placing 2nd edition figures next to 1st edition figures, it’s very easy to see the difference in quality. Along with the new figs and hero cards (yes, they differ from the Conversion Kit), Oath of the Outcast has two “rumor” quests that can be played solo, or inserted into any Descent campaign.  This looks to be a long line of “reprints” that FFG has planned.




I was a little shocked by some of the negative reaction on Facebook and the message boards to the announcement, even though I shouldn’t be. It doesn’t matter how awesome the announcement is; someone is going to throw a fit, have a nit-pick, or at worst, completely lose their mind. Perhaps the silliest complaint about this whole thing (and I’ve seen it more than once) is that “They should be making NEW heroes and NEW monsters.”





Making new heroes and new monsters is only WHAT THEY’VE BEEN SWARMING US WITH SINCE THE GAME WAS RELEASED!


Descent 2e was released in mid-July of 2012. Since then, we’ve had the following:

2 new heroes, 2 new monsters.

2 new heroes, 2 new monsters.

December 2012: Lair of the Wyrm (small box)

4 new heroes, 4 new monsters

4 new heroes, 4 new monsters

July 2013: Labyrinth of Ruin (big box)

2 new heroes, 2 new monsters.

2 new heroes, 2 new monsters.

October 2013: The Trollfens (small box)

4 new heroes, 4 new monsters.

4 new heroes, 4 new monsters.

…and the upcoming Shadow of Nerekhall next month!

16 very distinct, unique "things out to kill you."

16 very distinct, unique “things out to kill you.”

…not to mention every Lieutenant in between!

This makes 20 NEW heroes, and 37 NEW monsters in the course of a year and a half! If anything, FFG needs to slow the hell down so we can catch up!

I know Oath of the Outcast may irk a few folks who dropped the money to grab all of the 1st edition Descent and the Conversion Kit,  but it isn’t the end of the world. If you really feel that you need to get rid of your Descent 1st Edition collection, there will always be collectors and completionists out there.

There IS something else to be cheerful about, though. Descent just got added to FFG’s Organized Play list!


Forgotten Souls, the first Descent Organized Play, introduces a whole new way to play…

…no Overlord!

The role of the overlord is replaced by a monster deck that makes the Overlord decisions. Granted, this means less of a story and campaign, and much more a standard dungeon-crawl. I suppose that makes Organized Play much more like traditional Descent. After its initial run, it looks like Forgotten Souls will be made available to the public for purchase via Print On Demand. Read about the official announcement HERE. Be sure to inquire at your Friendly Local Game Store for events!

Good luck, fellow adventurers! Noble new allies and fearsome new foes await!

~Doc Belmont


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  1. that game is very popular in my country 😀

  2. Like you mentioned, the amount of irrational egoism and pouting in many comment sections regarding this is just ridiculous. I hope FF knows how to discern good feedback.

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