The Stink of Brimstone



Okay, folks, enough is enough.


For anyone just joining this article, I posted an unpopular opinion about a Kickstarter I supported. As I expected, quite a few folks don’t agree. That’s fine. I don’t expect you to agree. Hell, I expected many of you to call me every name in the book, and you did. That’s fine. Sticks and stones, and all of that.


I even expected a few hate mails telling me how much of a dick I am. That’s fine. I received plenty of them.


What I did NOT expect is for someone to look me up on Facebook and then send a vaguely threatening email that included me, and my fiancee. That’s where I draw the line.


I took down the article. It can’t hurt you anymore.



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  1. Well said Doc. I had the same feeling when I saw the product, wow Deadlands is back Descent style. Well I’m not paying that prize to play a game that I’ve playing for almost 20 years for way cheaper than that. I don’t know if you remember the paper figurines and the grid tiles. They should add Brisco County as character, it fits better the world than Clint (The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., in case some people forgot about Weird West tv shows… They was plenty of Brimstone in that show + Bruce Campbell). So yes nothing new under the sun, It’s a ll about money. Too bad, I love FFG, AoE and Fortune and Glory are brilliant games, there’s something missing in this game. But well as for Castle Falkenstein ( and Dr WHO can we really blame company to sell us old things as new (Steampunk and Spacetime People) ? I think we have to teach new generations and hope that companies do a better job with innovation. I kickstarted tones of projects not only games but this one will not get my money.

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