No ‘Bones’ about it!



One of my biggest regrets in gaming is not making better use of miniatures. Most of the time I end up cannibalizing my Descent and Dragonstrike board games for tabletop minis, but I die a bit on the inside when I tell my players that those Skeletons with the bows are actually armored warriors…because they’re totally not.



Not having enough proper minis for gaming always boiled down to “meh. I don’t really have the cash to spend on minis.” I’m fairly certain I just heard all of the scoffing from every Warhammer player reading this. Well, that’s nice that you spend HUNDREDS of dollars playing Warhammer, but I’m pretty damned sure that it’s the only game you play. With Games Workshop‘s practically criminal pricing, it’s the only game you can AFFORD to play.
Even non-GW minis are friggin’ expensive; that is, if you want high-quality minis. Sure, you can make due with some of the pre-painted plastic minis that Pathfinder usually ships in randomized boxes, but you’re never certain of what minis you’re going to get. After all, what in the hell am I going to do with 8 copies of a “half-elf Cleric?” Host a revival? Don’t get me wrong; I’m a fan of Pathfinder minis…sure, they’re cheap, pre-painted plastic that some may turn their nose up at, but they work great for any gaming table. I just don’t care for the random  element for buying minis. At $12 a box, those minis still boil down to $3 a pop for crap I don’t need.

Most metal, high-detail miniatures run between 5 to 7 dollars per mini…or upwards of 10 to 12 (and higher) if you’re Games Workshop. This is standard for a single medium mini. This means it just cost between $25-35 to just have a party of 5 heroes on the table. Thus, for those of us who aren’t financially blessed, miniatures are a huge luxury of gaming.

Seriously?! How many of you do I NEED!? You keep cropping up like Jehovah's Witnesses!

Seriously?! How many of you do I NEED!? You keep cropping up like Jehovah’s Witnesses!

Then, Reaper miniatures had a most remarkable idea.



What if…



…what if we found a way to make cheap, high-detailed AFFORDABLE miniatures?



No! That’s CRAZY-TALK!



Well, last year, Reaper launched a Kickstarter for a brand new line of minis called “Bones.” This line is essentially all of their high-quality pewter models with a twist; they’re made of a cheap polymer, making these little beauties available for an AVERAGE of $2 a pop. This Kickstarter was so bat-shit INSANELY successful, that it became the highest-funded tabletop kickstarter ever! What were they offering? Well, they got over $3.4-MILLION, and the core $100 pledge got you almost 200 minis. I’ve seen one lucky bastard’s collection he got from the Kickstarter, and I was kicking myself ever since for missing out.


Well, Reaper is at it again, with “Bones II: The Return of Mr. Bones!” It’s essentially the same setup as before, with lots of little stretch goals that keep sweetening the pot for those with a $100 pledge, and this time I’ll be damned if I’m missing out on it! You shouldn’t either.

This is your chance to get minis for less than a dollar apiece!



My only caveat for this is that polymer minis means that the materials are low quality. This means that swords will be bent, some minis may not stand properly, and other miscellaneous annoyances. However, this is easliy fixed by holding the mini in boiling water until it’s soft, straightening whatever part you need, and then dipping it in a cold water wash. Viola! Instant-fix…and it’s a small price to pay for the small price you paid for a high-detail mini. Certainly, one might expect such cheap minis to have all of the detail and consistency of a plastic tub of little green army men churned out by the legion out of a sweatshop in China, but these guys are the real deal. The differences between the pewter casts and the Bones casts are so minute they’re practically un-noticable unless you’re looking at them under a magnifying glass…and I’m certain there are anal-retentive mouth-breathers out there who will, but whatever.

"Oh. My. GAWD! You can't even see the cleft of Seoni's vajayjay in this sculpt! These Bones miniatures SUCK!!!"

“Oh. My. GAWD! You can’t even see the cleft of Seoni’s vajayjay in this sculpt! These Bones miniatures SUCK!!!”



Bones minis are a solid white (hence the name, I guess), and details are a bit hard to see, but they’re there. These minis were meant to be hand-painted. I had the opportunity to pick up a few Bones at GenCon this year, and after giving them a paint-job, I’m completely sold on the line.


If I can yield this kind of result from a "cheap" mini, I don't see a reason to stick to pewter unless I want to be a pretentious gamer-snob.

If I could potentially yield this kind of result from a “cheap” mini, I don’t see a reason to stick to pewter unless I want to be a pretentious gamer-snob.



Here’s what you’ll get from a $100 donation thus far:


There’s only a little over a week left of this Kickstarter, and it’s a magnificent deal, so donate generously today! As of the writing of this article, Bones II is sitting at a little over $1, 848,000. The core set only keeps getting better the more money this Kickstarter makes. Pledge, already!!!



Spend your hard-earned gold pieces here!

Bonus news: For any of you who donate, the Kickstarter deadline isn’t the last opportunity you’ll get to add on an extra mini-expansion or option! If you donate before Kickstarter is over, you’ll be able to add additional options or expansions up until December 31st, 2013.



My hour of magic is done, so I hope you’ve got some gold pieces to drop on the project! If you don’t, you’ll just have to wait until the “Bones III: Electric Boo-galoo” Kickstarter next year.



Alright, Reaper. You have a name to go on. Make that happen next year…and be sure to include the Doctor Belmont mini in your core set!


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