Watch out! The Sky is Falling


To anyone who actually read my last post I must apologize.  I meant to write more often but I found myself distracted by post season baseball and the current elections…  and no I am not telling you who I voted for simply because this is a blog about nerd culture and no matter who I said it would probably start an argument somewhere.

So onto a lighter note although I have failed to keep up with my promise to review the Dresden Files novels, which I plan on remedying, I have something else I wish to elaborate upon.  “Skyfall” the new James Bond film.

Yes, some of you are probably asking, “What in the world does this have to do with the geek subculture?”  Well as far as I am concerned, granted I am a James Bond fan, these films have always had a hint of the fantastical and a certain amount of science fiction involved in their gadgets.  I feel that I can also get away with this because of the literary origins of the James Bond franchise.  I tip my pointy hat to the late, great Ian Fleming.

Its critics will tell you that it is a rip off of “The Dark Knight Rises” and I can see where they get this opinion.  The movie follows an aging 007 who considers very briefly to leave the life of a secret agent behind but returns to save the day.  The similarity between the two films really ends here.  Those who hated this movie will also say that it is full of plot holes and contrivances.  What do I have to say to that?  Well yes it is, but no more so than many other Bond films in the series fifty year history.  They will say that the computer references in the film were ridiculous and these scenes must have been written by a ten year old.  Yes, they are ridiculous but isn’t this the same series that gave us laser fights in space and a man who killed people with his hat?

So, what did I think of “Skyfall?”  I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Even with the negatives views I have on this movie I can say that I had fun watching it.  I felt that the villain was a very weak character and in someways reminded me of the performance of Moriarty in the BBC “Sherlock” series.  Granted, I have felt that the villains have been the weakest point of the new Bond films usually only having one grotesque quality to make them memorable. “Skyfall” was predictable, so much so that if a person does not see at least some of the things coming I seriously doubt you were even watching the movie.  On the positive side the emotional scenes and the non action sequences were much better than what they did with “Quantum of Solace” which seemed only to go from one action sequence to the next.  I also enjoyed the references to the older movies, especially when they brought out the old Aston Martin complete with machine guns and ejector seat.

My final thoughts, even though “Skyfall” fails in keeping up with the darker direction that the new films have been taking it succeeds in being a good Bond movie.  Not the best by any means, but still good.  It wasn’t trying to be one of the new films and I think that the filmmakers were trying to make a movie that would finally cause the new James Bond to have some of the elements that we loved about the old, making it a very fitting film to celebrate fifty years of 007.

Go and see it and make up your mind for yourself.  Love it or hate it, like me or despise me, you are totally free to your own opinion as I am to mine.


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