Off to GenCon!!!

I’m off to GenCon, everyone! I’ll see you after the weekend, and I hope to see some of you there! Until then, here’s my very first video! Enjoy!

[ width=”320″ height=”270″]


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  1. Don’t forget the booze! It’s been my experience that hotel bars (and surrounding bars) will up their prices on con weekends. Also they tend to run out of a lot so unless you want to pay $20 for watered down Jack, you should bring your own 😉

  2. Sorry for not replying earlier, but great video.

    Though I could swear your first GenCon visit wasn’t “last year” (2011). If it was, there was someone posing as you back in 2005 (lol).

  3. Very true, Fritz, but I consider a “trip to GenCon” being the whole weekend. 2005 was an all-too-short day trip! 😛

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