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  1. Well, unfortunately no subculture is safe from weirdos who use it for some perverted means. This last Whitby Gothic Weekend got hit pretty bad with tons of paparazzi-esque photographers who would basically cluster-fuck attendees for photos without their consent and then demand that they lift their skirts or show more cleavage. Age was no matter either. Anything to get their rocks off, I guess.
    Its bad enough that crap happens but then the media gets a hold of it and goes nuts with it. I feel that most bad reputations is due solely to the media fabricating stories to sell air-time and magazine articles. I guess its up to the rest of us to prove that we are not all bad people.

  2. In retrospect, I don’t believe that Ghostbusters are going to have to really fight to uphold a good image, but bad press is bad press. You’re right, though. No subculture is safe from its “lunatic fringe.”

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