A wizard did it!


“A wizard is never late…nor is he early; he arrives precisely when he means to!” ~Gandalf the Grey

Yes, indeed! It’s been almost two years of setbacks and such, but it has finally happened! I have a site where I can share my love of the tabletop gaming hobby with all the lands of the interwebs! If I entertain you, fabulous! I’ve hit one of my goals. If I’ve enticed you to go out and buy a new game, great! That is also a goal. If I’ve disgusted or offended you…well, you need to relax.

Let’s see what kinds of magic I can conjure up for your entertainment; it’s going to be a wild ride, I’m sure. That said, all “magic” needs an audience, so watch away, and tell your friends! I’m always happy to have new friends and fans. The more, the merrier!


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